Springing to Summer..sunshine :)

Boom a selection of feet huggables that will spring you into summer,I particularly love the half boot from top shop and the neon sandals for some sparkle,if you want to mix it up,the Celine brogues will keep you comfy and chic, C’est la vie 20140411-214012.jpg

So here are a few things i like.Sugar and spice and all yummy things nice.Take a little trip down skittle road.

20140411-214810.jpg And that’s how you spring into summer with just a few looks,it’s easy to mix it up and always come out right.The lesson learnt today,the joy of minimalism.Have a luscious weekend y’all.Lotsa luv.M.x


Journey to starting a business

So me and my best friend have been on this business journey for about two years.It has been a journey of many lessons.The fear at the beginning,the open mindedness like a child.This journey has taught me,strength,fear,hope,how to feel like a failure,how to see hope in every opportunity.It has been an awakening,learning who iam,and finding out for definite where my passion lies,to do what I love and to help others.SIMPLE.
As my readers I hope you have found or is yet to find what makes you tick.Find that and you find your passion and their lies your life’s purpose.Remember Tip toe if you must,just take the step.Have a great holiday y’all. M.x 😘


Rumblings of my mind

So it’s late and Iam thinking about life.Does it always seem that you can’t catch a break,so you work hard.But things never seem to just happen for you,you even pray harder but you feel that you don’t see the blessing.However you see your friend that does take short cuts in life.Their life seems easy,even worthwhile.Well I found a divine truth today whilst meditating.That ….a life of short cuts is just that….CUT SHORT in some way or another.In life you mustn’t take short cuts.Sometimes we all need someone to remind us.That the hardest path is sometimes the best.Short cuts may get you where you want to go quick,but the hard road in all it’s trials and difficulties reaffirms who you are,strengthens you,helps to be reliant on Jehovah.The difficult road brings pain,hardship sleepless nights,and days of doubt.But all the unseen positives,is how it helps u to have tough skin,making you rise above what you even think your ever capable of enduring.So next time you want to take the short cut,pause for a second and think what it’s worth….


This I love.




Be the best rate version of you.Don’t be average you where made for greatness.

RIO <3

Rio,is the name of the kid that inspired me today.As the year has gone by,I have made it a point to find inspiration in everything in my life.And this kid just did it for me,care freely unaware of his demeanor(which is more adult like than childish) I was amazed at how such a young boy could have such a grand perspective of life and honestly this inspired me.So I say down with him and had a little chat,within 5 minutes mind boggling things poured out I this child’s mouth,like how he wants to be successful and how he believes in Hod and is a christian(this amazed me,as you do not find many people able to stand for what they believe let alone a 10 year old.RIO reminded me that their is an array of people out in the world that are willing to inspire and want to meet people to inspire.He also reminded me that you don’t have to be old to be wise.The bible says out of the mouth of babes wise sayings come,in this case wisdom did truly shine forth.I Give a grand shout out to his parents Ade and Tia-Marie for being an inspiration to your kid who has then gone on to inspire others it reminds me of Kid president.Yall check it out and let’s share what you think 🙂 Kid president link

My big Fat 2013 Inspirations.

Hello lovies,sorry I haven’t been around been a little down.But not to despair am back with a bang more determined to push through this.Make myself better no matter what I go through.My new goal to see light in every darkness and to love more and appreciate more,beginning with myself.So here are a couple looks I feel we all need,to get ready for the wonderful spring about to adorn us.

The ASos 2013 spring look book,is sparkling with hints of flowery blues,yellows and pastels it’s like a mellowed out ice cream.Makes me feel happy inside check it out.You will be inspired.Follow the link

Louis Vuitton and their checked look.Try the ASos version of checkered for your everyday outfit be bold,be Gorgeous.

The current Dior look!what can you say just plain Beautiful,the colors the silhouettes the cut.Its Everything.For a more affordable version check out aqua by aqua’s line.

For an even “fresher” take on spring just wear something that mixes the colors well and blends,like this gorgeous Jonathan Saunders Axel Polka-Dot Skirt. Check it out.
A more affordable version by Ungaro.


And this Bobeau Midi polka-dot skirt.Affordable ranging from £38. Check it out here. http://mobile.shopstyle.co.uk/item/bobeau-nordstrom-skirts-dot-midi-skirt/395677728?cat=120&fts=polka+dot+skirt&min=48

And last but not least,this amazeballs flare polka-dot skirt from Boohoo.Get it here http://www.boohoo.com/restofworld/sale/elaine-contrast-trim-polka-dot-skater-skirt/invt/azz56791/?utm_source=AWIN&utm_medium=AFF&cm_mmc=Affiliates-_-Affiliate_Window-_-79682-_-0&awc=2319_1359483246_df929f829f2f8b311601905317d14962

Happy Shopping,I hope you find your step this spring and always dress to feel fabulous and happy within yourself.Love.M 😘

More Africa

Some more inspiring art and dressing from designers all over Africa.Be inspired.


Tuxedo dress by modahnik, I love that it can be worn as a day or dinner dress depending on the accessories you choose and shoes.

I love the contrasting colors, that bring out her skin tone beautifully.



Street style in South Africa .


A man from the Bana tribe of Ethipoia pays tribute to one of the biggest football teams in the world,and he does it in style.








Traditional Xhosa dress from South Africa.


This last designer stays true to there roots, it is a South African designer called stone cherrie, read all about them be inspired.xx

African Splendor-Continued .

Africa in all it’s glory,so many ways in which to translate the African in you through dress.Here are more tips.Copious amounts of love my lovies from Africa to you all.M.xx










Designer: Moo cow,South Africa to Ghana fashion week. Africa is oozing talent :). .








I hope you enjoy, and find a way to infuse some African print in your dressing today.xx


So, I’m back.Hellooooo is anyone there?Eheeeem. I have been doing some soul searching and discovering lately. And found that their is so much inspiration to be drawn from my beloved Africa.We have a diverse culture, textures,prints and materials, and not to even talk of a great people. Hence I decided that I would dedicate this whole week to putting up the most inspirational prints
and art from Africa that inspire me.At the end of the week I will put up a post of me in my African inspired attire and hopefully inspire someone or their take on AFRICA.Have an Inspiring week everyone, love M.xx



I also decided to add some pictures of beautiful children that remind me of a happy Africa.


And look at this, ain’t she just styling 🙂

I did not forget the men.You can jazz up your African print shirt or trousers by adding an accessory such as a bow hat, small scarf or siso beaded bangles.

Another fabulous picture of a brother,with a kanga/chitenge material used to wrap babies to prevent them causing havoc,when a parent is busy.Isn’t it adorable?


Some Afro-art.





Africa is full of color, find something that inspires you today 🙂

Trending:Would You Wear A Motif Sweater?

Aloha,if y’all haven’t noticed a recurring trend,that is fast catching on this winter again…. “Motif” sweaters.They remind me of a happy happy care free time being in primary school,snuggling up to your mummy in winter,hot chocolate all the nice gooey stuff 🙂 .Luckily for us the trend lives here is a way to wear your motif sweater,and some old looks that can be recharged. Have a blessed day.Love M.x



Also via H&M US check out this chic motif sweater with animal print. Here is a link of we’re you can get it . http://www.hm.com/us/product/03973?article=03973-B&override_device_detect=true


Winter Inspiration

So,the cold days have dawned on us again aaargh,but worry not these little winter pieces can inspire your 2012 winter wardrobe,from hot off the cat walk Alexander McQueen,to some pieces I put together and some bangin loubi’s <3. Have a happy Sunday y'all,peace n love.M.x